We are pleased to announce that our PAI's are being featured in a Marble Falls Gallery, "TRENDZ".  Several pieces have sold and more are on the way.  Our photographer has created an excellent medium to display her Texas Landscape art pieces.  They are each personally custom crafted by the experienced hands of our artist. Combined with specially chosen Mesquite artisans that have perfected their talents over many years.  We also use 19th century frames/barn shudders to frame her work. No two pieces are alike providing Elevated Treasures to bestow as gifts or as a conversation piece at the Office or Study.

** We use Fujiflex Crystal Archive Printing.

This is our "Light Box". We build a frame on the back of antique door to support LED lights set on a dimmer switch to display your image.

The image is raised an inch over the mesquite frame to give it a visually dimensional  approach.  Each PAI can be designed with an original photograph from Karrie King's portfolio or you can schedule a special shoot to capture a particular image of your choosing. The style of Mesquite frame encompasses a wide range of textures from a high gloss polish with straight edges or a free form rough barn-type look.  There are many sizes to choose from as well as the printing surface.  We print on Glass, Acrylic, Metal and can cover with museum glass which deepens/protects color and diminishes glare. The standoffs that secure the image to the frame come in a Black, Bronze or Silver finish.  We can also attach lights to the standoffs which enhances light throughout  the image. And have images over light boxes to show case brightly lit landscapes.


Give us a call to start designing your PAI today!

Example of our antique ceiling tile frame with standoff lift.

19th century frame of horse in on remote West Texas Ranch in the Davis Mountains. (Canvas Mount)

19th Century Barn Shudder with original hardware. Image of Chisos Mountain range in the Chihuahuan Desert.

Cathedral arch window frame.

Antique Barn Shudders with standoffs that raise the image for a three-dimensional appearance.