Fish Bowl Pet Store

By Lensgirl

Meet my friend Lucy the Lemur.  I don't know about you but I completely love lemurs.  I was in Temple, Texas and happened upon this unique pet store downtown. I walked up to her cage and we spotted each other.  She was perched in the far upper corner and  when our eyes met she lunged down her long narrow home bounding off the wire walls until she reached me with eyes bright and an inquisitive nature.  I was in love.  She grabbed at me through the cage with her soft leather padded fingers.  I quickly met her caretaker Marcus who was kind enough to let me into her cage for a visit hoping to get up close and personal shots...they were up close for sure.  A few quick clicks of the camera is all I got.  She would leap off his shoulder onto my head so fast I couldn't "get the shot"! So after many blurred attempts I gave the camera to Marcus and he managed  a few of my adorable friend Lucy.  I could have spent all day with her.  She was non-stop fun!  (And I do mean non-stop.) Here you can see her grooming Marcus.  Then you see her leap off his shoulder with me catching a blurred leg as she landed on my head.  Literally each picture you see of her...the next shot was her on my head then down my arms chewing anything she could as she climbed all over me.  I laughed until I cried and had the best time!

She decided to try her hand at photography since I couldn't get a clean shot.  Then in the picture below she took aim and was on my head yet again. <sheesh>



I had a great day also meeting a few others that were looking for a home. A chameleon, baby wallaby and a very intelligent parrot with quite the vocabulary.

So next time you happen to be in Temple, Texas...stop by the shop on 2nd/east Adams street.  You'll be glad you did and maybe just maybe you'll end up taking one of these talented critters home with you! Talented you ask?...yes, because they will steal your heart!

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