Texas Bluebonnets

By Lensgirl


I am in the Texas Hill Country for the next three weeks shooting vast meadows full of wild flowers.  Texas is known for its sprawling blue vistas this time of year as the bluebonnet flower is in bloom.  After much hiking throughout the countryside here I have found the elusive flower.  Most years it flourishes in abundance but with the drought stricken state it has proven most difficult to locate.  Keep in mind that it can also be quite dangerous as it is the favorite place for a local rattlesnake's lare.  So beware if you are thinking about putting your young ones in the blue patches for that prized photo for the mantle. I also met some interesting characters along my journey.  From buffalo to llamas, longhorns to a herd of cattle and a timid red fox I was lucky enough to grab a picture of before he swiftly dissappeared into a thicket.   A llama at one point fought over me when a challenger came too close.  I also saw a tough Texas semi truck driver who pulled his rig off the highway to take pictures of the bluebonnets with his cell phone camera. Cute! There were some interesting old barns and hand hewn cabins from the 1800's.  Then there was the most somber of moments in the Fort Hood Military Cemetary.  I sat amonst the endless rows of white stone thinking of the lives past that lay under the acres before me.  I covered 2,000 miles on my Ram truck rental.  The guys at SIXT Car Rental place were great!  IF you need a vehicle when in Austin, Tx. give them a call. The food in the Austin and surrounding area was addicting...so much so I put on 7lbs! Enjoy the pictures of the Texas Hill country in the Spring! 

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    karriekingphotography (Friday, 11 April 2014 21:02)

    Looking forward to the photos. Be careful walking in the blue patches. Dad