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Spring In My Backyard

by "Lensgirl"

I found myself sitting in my backyard enjoying the warmth of springs first sun rays after a three day storm that darkened the sky.  To my delight, I heard the buzzing of honey bees on my citrus trees.  I walked over to watch them a bit closer.  I began to think about their little lives and how they intertwine with humans.  Bees are dedicated creatures.  The term "busy as a bee" is very true. They never stop moving to accomplish their goal and oh what an important goal it is to us.  Their work produces not only some of the sweets treats for us but most beneficial health wise as well.  Not only in the fruit they pollinate but also in their gift of honey.  Yet they are so small and unassuming in our giant world. Never the less they are hugely important.  Then there is the thought that they don't wish to hurt anyone but in defense will sting to the point of losing their own life to protect themselves which in turn protects the pollination that feeds us. Self-sacrificing in a way and similar to the meekest of humans. Small but extraordinary.  Oh the small Whoville world in my own backyard that I forget to see in my busyness.  Next time I stop to smell the most fragrant orange blossoms I will remember my friend the honey bee and thank him.  Now if I only had a "macro" lens to take his portrait instead of a hand-held zoom.  Next time for sure!

Christmas Lights

I remember as a child lying down under the Christmas tree looking up into the branches and as the multi-colored lights danced on each bow I was filled with wonder.  Now when I drive home late on a frosty evening tired from the days activities, I am welcomed by the countless display of beautiful lights that adorn the homes surrounding me...almost as if to say "No matter what age you find yourself, enjoy the wonderment of Christmas again."